Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gelli plate meets Viva Modeling Cream

I've said before that I include a handmade tag as a thank you into my orders. I hate when I get behind and run out. I try and do different paints or materials - some taking longer then others. I recently got a gelli plate and thought what a great idea - it is the 8x10 size so I thought I could do a few tags at a time. I'm still getting the hang on the right order of color - shape, etc. when layering but I'm having lots of fun playing. When they are dry, I stamp a sentiment and decided to stencil with some Viva Decor Modeling Cream (another favorite product). Here's a few samples.


  1. Janine , I love lkove your tags and the color is really great I have a gelli Plate but I dont have a lot of stencails to use on it so I just use the brayer and the paint and a soft tip ed brush to write with,,thank you doe sharing.

  2. I loved the tag I got with my order!! After the distress markers, the gelli plate is next on my list - it looks like so much fun :)