Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Love

I love all the mixed media canvases and journal pages I see. I dabble a little here and there but never started one that I planned on giving to somebody. Although I knew it would be looked upon with love from the receiver (my adorable husband), it is was still a bit scary. I actually even put it on Facebook and Instagram to a lot of "likes". Made me feel really good - thank you all my friends. And my fantastic husband asked if it was OK to take to work to show his co-workers. OH YEA!


  1. This is really beautiful and along the lines of what I am wanting to attempt myself. With the colors and hearts this canvas really states Valentine's Day. It looks as though this isn't your first attempt...excellent job!! TFS.

    Isn't it nice when your husband shows approval and wants to show it off to his co-workers? So sweet!!

  2. Oh I love that you posted this beautiful canvas for us're an inspiration in so many ways ;-)