Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rock candy butterflies

Today's class was about paints - acrylic and crackle paint. I have completed the other 2 lessons but did play with rock candy crackle paint. It is a bit hard waiting for them to dry. I want instant gratification! It definitely looks better when you let them air dry as opposed to using a heat gun. I colored them with a couple of Dyan Reaveley sprays (I am hooked on those brilliant colors).


  1. Beautiful! I always have problems with 'Rock Candy' falling off of my work! Any tips you would like to share? I'm kinda new to crafting, not a novice but I'm a bit of an isolated crafter. I love blogs & YouTube, they are invaluable to people like me! Big thanks & keep on blogging!

    1. Hi Suzanne - it depends on what you are putting the rock candy on for it to stick. I have no problem on any material that has some "tooth" such a paper, cardboard or grungeboard (butterflies are made out of grunge). I got a tip about using it on slick material like glass. Put a coat of Studio multi medium first and let that dry and then apply the rock candy. I did that with some mason jars for my daughter's wedding and it worked great. Stayed on perfectly.

    2. Thank you so much! Please let me know when your .com shop is up & running. I would rather give the money straight to you than fill ebays pockets more!